A Walk In The Park

Today, the 1st of January 2018 is a public holiday in Lanzhou.

Lex and I went for a walk, crossing the main road bravely – there was not a lot of traffic, perhaps people were at home with their families.
Not everyone was at home though, because, although not crowded, there were quite a few people in the park across the road from us.

IMG_4552-EFFECTSWe found the main entrance to the park, clearly marked by large sculptures and many references to the Olympics.
The trees and bushes are mere twigs at this time of year. I am already looking forward to Springtime here when no doubt buds will burst forth from every branch.
In the meantime, we have to make do with pots full of brightly coloured cardboard flowers!

IMG_4564We strolled along the pathways next to the wide fast flowing Yellow River. Today was one of the clearest days we have experienced yet here in Lanzhou.
We stood on the banks and looked over at the dry empty hill behind the high buildings. Across the river, a child was skimming stones.

IMG_2901 (2)Here and there along the path elderly men were walking alone, stopping every now and then to do exercises. They clapped their hands together or swung their arms. Other older men and women were walking together, sometimes backwards, listening to music on their phones, or chatting.

There were people on outdoor gym equipment, partaking in an exercise routine under the open sky. Families, usually consisting of three members, Mom, Dad and child, were out and about enjoying the day together.
Lex and I walked for a long time, eventually crossing the road on the pedestrian bridge and walking home.


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