Hair! Hair!

L was in need of a haircut.
As it happened, one of our friends mentioned that he planned to stop off, on our way to the grocery store, in order to have his hair cut.
We asked if we could tag along.

The hairdresser that had dealt with our friends’ hair before, was no longer there. His shop was closed, with a sign on the door that we could not read or understand.

Never mind – another hairdresser salon was spotted, just a couple of shops away.

We all trouped in.
Inside the shop was neat and clean and stylish. All the hairdressers were men. Some were very young and very fashionable (one young man sported a mop of purple hair…) Some were dapper in tight-fitting suits with highly polished pointed shoes.
The whole place was run by a woman, who chatted away to us in Chinese, nodding with understanding when we pointed to the two grey-haired men with us.
– Yes. Yes. –
She understood and welcomed us all in.


First, the mens’ hair was washed, and then they were shown to two black leather seats, side by side.

The job was done, hair was meticulously clipped, cheeks were shaved, eyebrows were tamed. The clipping and combing continued for quite a long time.


Both men seemed happy enough. Both received hairdo’s that were short and featured an interesting horizontal line above the ears.

Our friend was finished first and after a moment of incomprehension paid the requested amount for his haircut.
– That’s a bit steep –
We all muttered a bit.
Well, it is rather an upmarket salon, we reasoned.

When L was done and it was his turn to pay he opened his wallet…
– No –
We understood them to say
– It has already been paid for –
– Oh –
We smiled, with the new understanding that the price had already been paid for both.
Very reasonable after all.
Two very satisfied customers.

One thing we have noticed though is that since his haircut, people don’t stand up for L in the bus as often.
I wonder if it is because he has less white hair peeking out from under his cap.
And his beard is shorter.
Ah – perhaps he has become younger!

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  1. Bit late to comment on this one. I am curious: Do you see many Chinese men sporting beards? This Western trend does not seem to have blown over to China. (Mostly “clean shaven” men on your pics).

    1. Muslim men – mainly the old ones, often have beards. Chinese males seem to have very little facial hair and beards are almost never seen.

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