I am a writer who lived in Lanzhou, China, from 2017 to 2020.
update: I now live in Barrydale, South Africa and have a new blog documenting my new life in the Karoo, called en Route to 62 and beyond.

My home in Knysna

I left my 150 year old historic home in Knysna on the 26th of December 2017 to join my husband Lex on and adventure living and working in China.

I grew up in the Eastern Cape. I started my writing career as a journalist for the Port Elizabeth Herald newspaper. I have written many television scripts including scripts for the Discovery Channel. I have been a keen blogger, and am working on a few novels. I have published a number of teen fiction novels, and write short stories for Fundza, the literacy project.

The only thing I can remember ever really wanting to do is to write. The only category I have ever wanted to fit into is the ‘I am a writer’ one. Writing has never been a job to me, but more a compulsion.

I have two grown up children, currently living and studying in Pietermaritzburg.

What inspires me to write?

My own life experiences inspire me. In fact, I remember my mother asking me once why I insisted on living the way I did at the time, to which I answered, “so that I can write about it.”